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National 1

Though there will be National 1 courses produced, equivalent to Access 1, these are rarely used in mainstream schools. On this website Level 1 will refer to courses normally taught to 11/12 year old pupils in first year of Secondary school.

- KS3 || - K9

National 2

Though there will be National 2 courses produced, equivalent to Access 2, these are rarely used in mainstream schools. On this website Level 2 will refer to courses normally taught to 12/13 year old pupils in second year of Secondary school.

- KS3 || - K9

National 3

Though National 3 Qualifications may be used with older pupils, the content is very much at the Introduction to Chemistry level and could be used with pupils S1-S3 (11 - 14yrs).

- KS3 || - K9

National 4

National 4 is the beginning of more specialised Chemistry teaching. Internally assessed mainly. Pupils S3/4 (14/15yrs).

- KS3 || - K9

National 5

Is a specialised Chemistry course designed to take pupils onto Higher level. Externally assessed. Pupils S3/4 (14/15/16yrs).

- KS4 || - K10


This is the specialised Chemistry course which provides the entrance requirement for many Further Education courses. S5 (16/17 years).

- AS || - K11

Advanced Higher

This overlaps with early stages of Degree courses. Though not essential, this course is aimed at those seriously considering studying Chemistry or related subjects at University. S6 (17/18 years).

- A2 || - K12

Mixed Bag

I'll use this for resources that are not specifically aimed at any particular course and may well be simply for fun.

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N5ChemTutor App

N5ChemTutor for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

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Monday, 11 Sep 2017

I'm presently writing Topic 5 - Calculations and Topic 6 - Acids and Bases (working titles, may change).

At that point I'll be rebranding the App as N5ChemTutor1 and will start charging a modest fee for the App. If I achieve sufficient sales, then I will be able to start on N5ChemTutor2.

Monday, 01 May 2017

N5ChemTutor App (1.4.1) is under review and should appear on App store in next few days.
This included Topic 4 - Structure & Bonding

Good luck to those sitting Chemistry Exams on 8th May!
Wednesday, 16 Nov 2016

N5ChemTutor App (1.3.1) was launched on App store.
This included Topic 3 - Formula & Equation Writing

Friday, 02 Sept 2016

N5ChemTutor App (1.2.1) was launched on App store.
This included Topic 2 - Atomic Structure and Nuclear Chemistry

Monday, 06 June 2016

N5ChemTutor App (1.1.3) was launched on App store.
This included Topic 1 - Reaction Rates and Investigation Skills

Chemistry Flash Animation Library

Similar to what I've done with my Videos, this is my attempt to gather together and organise many of the flash animations I've made or downloaded to use with my classes. Unlikely to work with Mobile Devices but 80% of hits on this website are still non-mobile devices.

S1/2 Animations

Labelling Apparatus 1 Labelling Apparatus 2 Particle Model Kinetic Model Particle Model Melting Ice Particle Model Dissolving Salt Particle Model Conduction Convection Heating and Boiling Simulation Changing State Literacy - Constructing Sententences Elements Pairs Valency Game Original Tom Lehrer Periodic Table Song Compounds Compounds Quiz Structure Quiz Graph Drawing CSI Simpsons Chromatography

A Collection of Interactive Activities based on the Periodic Table

Match the Symbol to the Name - Common Elements Match the Symbol to the Name - All Elements Click on an Element to Learn its Properties Type in name from Symbol - Common Elements Type in name from Symbol - All Elements Drag Element to Correct Position based on Symbol - Common Elements Drag Element to Correct Position based on Symbol - All Elements Type in Name from Atomic Number - Common Elements Type in Name from Atomic Number - All Elements Type in Name from Atomic Mass - Very hard!

S3/N4 Animations

Pairs Valency Game Pairs Valency Game Pairs Valency Game Mass Spectrometer Electron Arrangements Bonding Power Candle Burning Bromine Test for Alkene All About Metals
Aluminium reacting with Bromine Aluminium reacting with Chlorine Iron reacting with Sulphur Precipitation of Lead Iodide Magnesium reacting with Dry Ice Phosphorus reacting with Bromine Sodium reacting with Chlorine - making Salt Sulphur burning in Oxygen Zinc reacting with Acid

N5 Animations

Videos of relevant reactions that could also be used as Formulae & Equation Writing Practice

Alkali Earth metals reacting with Water Charcoal oxidised by Potassium Nitrate Copper oxidised by Nitric Acid Decomposition of Copper Carbonate Copper displacing silver from silver nitrate Decomposition of Ammonium Dichromate - Volcano Gummy Bear oxidised by Potassium Chlorate Decomposition of Iron Sulphate Reduction Of Metal Oxides - Extraction Methods Aluminium displacing Iron from Iron oxide - Thermite Reaction

Unit 1

Identifying Atoms and Ions Naming Compounds Quiz Compound Formulae Covalent Bonds Electrolysis Calculating Molar Mass Titration between hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide Neutralisation Titration Titration Steps Quiz Salt Formation Procedure Investigation - Find Mass In Solute by Evaporation

Unit 2

Naming Alkane Isomers Polymerisation Ethene Alkane Alkene Alcohol Quiz Investigation - Fermentation of Sugar using Yeast Alcohol Carboxylic Acid Quiz Carboxylic Acid Quiz Ester Quiz Addition Polymers Guide to Hydrogels Background Chemistry Biofuels Biofuels Advantages Disadvantages

Unit 3

Displacement Reaction Electrochemical Cells 1 Electrochemical Cells 2 Electrochemical Cells 3 Redox Electrodes and Batteries Solar Chemistry Challenge Haber Process Nuclear Chemistry - Penetrative Powers Nuclear Chemistry - Monitoring Thickness Nuclear Walk the Plank Quiz Identifying Unknown Ions Chemical Tests Forensic

Higher Animations

Polarity of Molecules Bonding Overview Activation Energy Fats Making a Fat Molecule Terpene Structures Lipids Proteins Free Radical reaction between Chlorine and Methane RedOx Titration

Advanced Higher Animations

Building Orbitals Bonding in a Hydrogen Molecule Good Lewis Structures Valence Elactron Pair Repulsion Theory pH Titration - Equilibrium Constant of Weak Acid Chirality AlkylHalide Reactions - Nucleophilic Substitution Electrophilic Substitution - alkylation of benzene Bond Vibration - absorbing energy Reaction Kinetics - part 1 Reaction Kinetics - part 2 Agonist Strategy

This links to all my Organic Reaction Pathway / Reaction Mechanism Animations

Organic Reaction Pathways and Mechanisms

Random/Fun Animations

Zombie College Safety Tranquilising Sheep to Test reaction Time Science Facts Quiz Matching to Microscopic Images Scale of the Universe