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National 1

Though there will be National 1 courses produced, equivalent to Access 1, these are rarely used in mainstream schools. On this website Level 1 will refer to courses normally taught to 11/12 year old pupils in first year of Secondary school.

- KS3 || - K9

National 2

Though there will be National 2 courses produced, equivalent to Access 2, these are rarely used in mainstream schools. On this website Level 2 will refer to courses normally taught to 12/13 year old pupils in second year of Secondary school.

- KS3 || - K9

National 3

Though National 3 Qualifications may be used with older pupils, the content is very much at the Introduction to Chemistry level and could be used with pupils S1-S3 (11 - 14yrs).

- KS3 || - K9

National 4

National 4 is the beginning of more specialised Chemistry teaching. Internally assessed mainly. Pupils S3/4 (14/15yrs).

- KS3 || - K9

National 5

Is a specialised Chemistry course designed to take pupils onto Higher level. Externally assessed. Pupils S3/4 (14/15/16yrs).

- KS4 || - K10


This is the specialised Chemistry course which provides the entrance requirement for many Further Education courses. S5 (16/17 years).

- AS || - K11

Advanced Higher

This overlaps with early stages of Degree courses. Though not essential, this course is aimed at those seriously considering studying Chemistry or related subjects at University. S6 (17/18 years).

- A2 || - K12

Mixed Bag

I'll use this for resources that are not specifically aimed at any particular course and may well be simply for fun.

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N5ChemTutor App

N5ChemTutor for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

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Monday, 11 Sep 2017

I'm presently writing Topic 5 - Calculations and Topic 6 - Acids and Bases (working titles, may change).

At that point I'll be rebranding the App as N5ChemTutor1 and will start charging a modest fee for the App. If I achieve sufficient sales, then I will be able to start on N5ChemTutor2.

Monday, 01 May 2017

N5ChemTutor App (1.4.1) is under review and should appear on App store in next few days.
This included Topic 4 - Structure & Bonding

Good luck to those sitting Chemistry Exams on 8th May!
Wednesday, 16 Nov 2016

N5ChemTutor App (1.3.1) was launched on App store.
This included Topic 3 - Formula & Equation Writing

Friday, 02 Sept 2016

N5ChemTutor App (1.2.1) was launched on App store.
This included Topic 2 - Atomic Structure and Nuclear Chemistry

Monday, 06 June 2016

N5ChemTutor App (1.1.3) was launched on App store.
This included Topic 1 - Reaction Rates and Investigation Skills

New S3 Chemistry

After an unsuccessful 1-period-a-week S3 course (compulsory for all), last year, we now have a 2-period-a-week course with a certain level of choice.

S3 Chemistry Update 10

Posted Fri, 27 Mar 2015 17:54:00 GMT by Gordon Watson.

This one is for any of my S3 pupils struggling to get to the new log-in page for their Homework.

YTeach Homework Page

S3 Chemistry Update 9

Posted Sat, 14 Mar 2014 16:12:00 GMT by Gordon Watson.

Nearly finished Topic 2 - Reactivity, so have produced a Test for this Topic.

S3 Topic3 PetrochemicalsTest (pdf)

Next we will be tackling a Topic on Reactivity which will prepare the ground for the equivalent Topic in N5 Chemistry (Topic 7 - Metal Chemistry). We will also take on the second booklet of Formula & Equation writing.

N5 Formula Writing Book 2 (Gallery)
Formula Notes Book2 (pdf)

S3 Chemistry Topic 3 Notes (Gallery)
S3 Topic3 Reactivity (pdf)
S3 Chemistry Topic 3 Notes Completed (Gallery)
S3 Topic3 Reactivity Completed (pdf)

S3 Chemistry Update 8

Posted Mon, 18 Nov 2013 00:07:00 GMT by Gordon Watson.

Added a set of completed Notes for Topic 2.

S3 Topic 2 Petrochemicals Completed Notes (pdf)

S3 Chemistry Update 7

Posted Sat, 16 Nov 2013 23:36:00 GMT by Gordon Watson.

Completed what will be our Topic 2 in S3 - Petrochemicals. No time to make massive changes but will do for this year.

This was traditionally a more 'self-taught' Topic backed up by Videos & Animations. I've included a slightly streamlined version and created a web page to access them from.

S3 Topic 2 - Petrochemicals - Gallery
S3 Topic 2 - Petrochemicals - Media Files
S3 Topic 2 - Petrochemicals - Notes (pdf)

S3 Chemistry Update 6

Posted Mon, 11 Nov 2013 23:50:00 GMT by Gordon Watson.

Just putting the finishing touches to what will be our Topic 2 in S3 - Petrochemicals

S3 Topic 2 - Petrochemicals

S3 Chemistry Update 5

Posted Sun, 29 Sept 2013 00:20:00 GMT by Gordon Watson.

Split Formula Writing into 2 parts. Book 1 will be taught in S3 while Book 2 will be used with N5. Have also fallen into line and sulphur is now sulfur.

S3 Formula Writing Book 1
N5 Formula Writing Book 2

S3 Chemistry Update 4

Posted Sat, 28 Sep 2013 11:40:00 GMT by Gordon Watson.

I'm posting a couple of Galleries of screen grabs to illustrate the on-line Homework I'm using to further consolidate the work going on in the class. We do 1 a week on average.

YDP Homework - Physical & Chemical Changes
YDP Homework - Covalent Bonding

For more information about Young Digital Planet there are links on the Teachers page on this website.

S3 Chemistry Update 3

Posted Thurs, 26 Sept 2013 21:24:00 GMT by Gordon Watson.

I've produced a booklet of Practice Questions to help the S3 get ready for our Topic Test. I've provided A4 and A5 booklet versions.

Topic 1 'Changes' - Practice Questions

S3 Chemistry Update 2

Posted Tues, 24 Sept 2013 20:08:00 GMT by Gordon Watson.

Topic 1 is an introductory, largely practical topic building on Chemical Changes met in S1/2 and including a deeper look at Elements & Compounds and Reaction Rates with particular emphasis on Graph Drawing.

Topic 1 'Changes' - Notes

S3 Chemistry Update 1

Posted Tues, 24 Sept 2013 19:58:00 by Gordon Watson.

This a 'retrospective' post as we started the new version of our S3 course last June. Having tried to cover the CFE E's & O's by end of S2, we are treating this years course as an opportunity to give pupils a truer taste of Chemistry to better inform their choices for S4. We will also attempt to identify those best suited to N4 or N5 next year.

Whilst confident that this will be a better S3 experience, we are still unsure how to strike a balance between 'preparation for N5' whilst leaving enough to offer progression to N4 for those likely to struggle too much with N5. In the future we may need to have two versions of our S3 course to manage this.


I'm posting the Assessments that I'm using but password protected.

Any teacher wishing to view the tests should e-mail me, ideally using a verifiable school e-mail address.