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National 1

Though there will be National 1 courses produced, equivalent to Access 1, these are rarely used in mainstream schools. On this website Level 1 will refer to courses normally taught to 11/12 year old pupils in first year of Secondary school.

- KS3 || - K9

National 2

Though there will be National 2 courses produced, equivalent to Access 2, these are rarely used in mainstream schools. On this website Level 2 will refer to courses normally taught to 12/13 year old pupils in second year of Secondary school.

- KS3 || - K9

National 3

Though National 3 Qualifications may be used with older pupils, the content is very much at the Introduction to Chemistry level and could be used with pupils S1-S3 (11 - 14yrs).

- KS3 || - K9

National 4

National 4 is the beginning of more specialised Chemistry teaching. Internally assessed mainly. Pupils S3/4 (14/15yrs).

- KS3 || - K9

National 5

Is a specialised Chemistry course designed to take pupils onto Higher level. Externally assessed. Pupils S3/4 (14/15/16yrs).

- KS4 || - K10


This is the specialised Chemistry course which provides the entrance requirement for many Further Education courses. S5 (16/17 years).

- AS || - K11

Advanced Higher

This overlaps with early stages of Degree courses. Though not essential, this course is aimed at those seriously considering studying Chemistry or related subjects at University. S6 (17/18 years).

- A2 || - K12

Mixed Bag

I'll use this for resources that are not specifically aimed at any particular course and may well be simply for fun.

Regular Users

If you are a regular user of this website, and any of the Resources that I have personally produced, you may like to make a small donation.

Searching For Resources

At the moment, the Search Engine will search all of my websites so expect most hits to be for the older version of my website until I have completely transferred all the resources over.

N5ChemTutor App

N5ChemTutor for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

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Monday, 11 Sep 2017

I'm presently writing Topic 5 - Calculations and Topic 6 - Acids and Bases (working titles, may change).

At that point I'll be rebranding the App as N5ChemTutor1 and will start charging a modest fee for the App. If I achieve sufficient sales, then I will be able to start on N5ChemTutor2.

Monday, 01 May 2017

N5ChemTutor App (1.4.1) is under review and should appear on App store in next few days.
This included Topic 4 - Structure & Bonding

Good luck to those sitting Chemistry Exams on 8th May!
Wednesday, 16 Nov 2016

N5ChemTutor App (1.3.1) was launched on App store.
This included Topic 3 - Formula & Equation Writing

Friday, 02 Sept 2016

N5ChemTutor App (1.2.1) was launched on App store.
This included Topic 2 - Atomic Structure and Nuclear Chemistry

Monday, 06 June 2016

N5ChemTutor App (1.1.3) was launched on App store.
This included Topic 1 - Reaction Rates and Investigation Skills

Scottish Qualifications Authority levels:

As a Scottish teacher working in a Scottish school, I will 'label' resources according to what is familiar to me. However, part of the rationale behind this new version of my website is the need to dismantle and reallocate resources in light of current changes to the Scotttish system. Therefore, I will be trying to use a 7 level system with an 8th 'level' to cover resources that are impossible / pointless to allocate to particular levels.

I'm taking liberties at the lower (non-examinable) levels and will simply allocate work I'd normally do with 1st year Secondary pupils to Level 1, and S2 work to Level 2. Many resources will be allocated to a number of different levels. As always, it depends on how the Teacher chooses to present the lesson.

Given the number of hits received by my previous website from the rest of the UK and the USA, I've also attempted to tentatively map to their Levels. Apologies if I've got things wrong - email me!

My Other Websites

Over the years I have created other Websites. Some, like the Periodic Table website, were created for a specific lesson and may become incorporated into this website.

Others were always intended to remain separate.

Climate Change

Created originally as a resource to be used by S1 pupils as part of the Planet Earth Topic in the CfE Science course.

However, there are a wealth of resources contained within the website suited to a variety of ages and covering many of the Moral as well as Scientific issues pertaining to Climate Change. For example :-

  1. Climate Change Welcome page
  2. Climate Change Debate
  3. Biodiversity Lessons
  4. Energy Lessons
  5. Eco Town

Periodic Table

Created originally as a resource to be used by S1 pupils as part of the Materials Topic in the CfE Science course.

  1. Periodic Table Welcome page
  2. Element Song - Plus
  3. Element Research - Web Links
  4. Interactive Database
  5. Ferocious Elements Videos

Reaction Pathways

This has been a 'Labour of Love' for many years and there are now a large number of Reaction Mechanism and Structure animations available. I have recently converted many of these into Videos and incorporated them into this website.

  1. Original Website
  2. New Video Versions

Young Digital Planet

For many years, I have had the use of e-learning materials, that I've used with S3/4 classes as Homework. The same resources are sold commercially in the UK under the banner YTeach.

  1. YDP KHS Homework
  2. YDP Homework Guide (pdf)
  3. YDP Homework Example 1 - Int
  4. YDP Homework Example 2 - Int
  5. YTeach Website
  6. YDP Home Website

Bidar School, India

A few years ago, my eldest son spent 6 months as a volunteer working in the New Apostolic English Medium School in Bidar, Karnataka, INDIA. Since then, I have helped the school in a number of ways - one of which is this website.